Year 4 Curriculum

In Year 4 the learning continues to open up to wider opportunities and looking at how the past has had an impact on the way we live our lives today.

Anglo Saxons & Vikings

The Anglo Saxons and Vikings builds on the historical skills the children have developed in Year 3 extending their awareness of chronology and timelines and looking at the impact these invaders and settlers have had on life today. Our visit to Jorvik brings the past to life and enhances their understanding of how our local area fits into the historical jigsaw puzzle.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece gives pupils the opportunity to delve into the artistic, literary and  technological inventions of the distant past, and to reflect upon how this has impacted on their lives from the  wider world.


Our summer term in-depth study of the local Yorkshire area immerses children in the physical and human geography of their own county, developing comparative skills, looking at their home compared to other locales and disparate cultures.