Our School Vision & Ethos

Our motto ‘Learning to Succeed’ is at the heart of everything we do.  Supported by our Inclusion Team, we get to know our children and families extremely well.  We build up a strong bond of mutual respect that enables us to overcome any barriers to learning that a child may have.  Ask them or come and see for yourself – every child feels safe, valued and empowered to learn here at Gladstone Road.


The Governors and Leaders of our school have a shared vision and it is described under the following headings:
  • Inclusivity & Togetherness – The school will welcome all members of the school community (Pupils, Staff, Parents and Governors) so that everyone’s contribution can be heard and respected.  We can work together to build success for everyone. 
  • Educational Excellence – The school will aspire to the highest levels of educational attainment by providing high quality teaching and learning experiences.  We will embrace innovative and evidence-based approaches to learning and development, so that all our pupils can thrive. Children will have opportunities in and beyond the classroom.  
  • Safe and Secure – The school will ensure that every member of our school community (Pupils, Staff, Parents and Governors) enjoys physical safety and is protected from harm.  They will feel secure in being able to express respectfully their thoughts, opinions, and feelings in a supportive environment. ​ 
  • Fantastic Facilities – The school is aiming to provide infrastructure and physical resources that support the best possible environment for learning. ​ 
  • Wellbeing and resilience – The school will help all members of the school community (Pupils, Staff, Parents and Governors) to develop confidence, establish positive relationships, be self-aware and to support one another through the challenges and experiences of life. ​ 

Our Curriculum Offer

No matter what the background or starting point is for any child in our school, our Curriculum Intent is built on the deep-rooted ethos that each child in our care will learn to succeed in the world. We have unpicked the National Curriculum and really thought about what our children need to succeed. Our curriculum offer is ambitious and a child’s learning journey is planned to carefully suit his or her needs. Each teacher leads a subject as part of a curriculum team, has become a specialist in their field and empowers the whole staff team to be confident in the subject delivery. Their desire for all of our children to learn how to succeed is evident in any child’s workbook you look at or any classroom you visit. Do have a look at the curriculum section of our website and in particular the Pupil Voice section of our learning journeys. The ambition, desire to achieve and spark we have is in the curriculum creation. It is our secret formula that ensures that our children learn to succeed.

Please come and visit us and see us in action – we are happy, hardworking and we enjoy what we do.