A conservative estimate is that during the past 120 years over 12,000 pupils have passed through the gates of Gladstone Road Junior School. We are aware of families whose links have been virtually continuous, with Great Great Grandparents previously attending.

Every year the school receives visitors who come back to look round and enjoy memories of school days. This has included former pupils who are visiting from different parts of the world as well as those who have not ventured away from Scarborough. 

From our resources of photographs, documents and records we have put together a few pre-1930s items and then a more extensive selection for each decade since. Particular thanks go to John Grant, teacher and then deputy Headteacher from 1981 until 2006 who has catalogued our resources. The school looks to respond positively to any specific enquiries from former pupils in relation to admission register entries, photographs, log book records and visits to school etc and indeed would welcome the opportunity to add any copies of photographs or other items to our resources.