Year 3 – Spring 1


Magnets and forces: Children will…

  • Observe that some forces need contact between two objects but magnetic forces can act at a distance
  • Describe that magnets will have two poles
  • Predict whether two magnets will attract or repel each other, depending on which poles are facing
  • Classify which materials are attracted to magnets
  • Identify some magnetic materials
  • Describe friction and the impact it has on a moving object
  • Compare how objects move on different surfaces
  • Explain the impact of push and pull forces on objects


The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, including:

  • Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion in 55-54 BC
  • The Roman Empire by AD 42 and the power of its army
  • Successful invasion by Claudius and conquest
  • “Romanisation” of Britain: sites and the impact of technology, culture and beliefs, including early Christianity

Chronological understanding

  • Use a timeline within a specific time in history?

Knowledge and interpretation

  • Recognise that Britain has been invaded by several different groups over time
  • Realise that invaders in the past would have fought fiercely, using hand to hand combat

Historical enquiry

  • Use various sources of evidence to answer questions


Digital Arts: Children will…

  • Take photographs of each other using a camera
  • Discuss how photography has changed
  • Select and open photos in Microsoft Picture Manager
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of photos
  • Crop photos
  • Draw, create and save a Sumopaint background
  • Import photographs onto a background


La Jungle: Children will…

  • Recognise some familiar words in written form
  • Write some simple words from a model/memory
  • Make links between sounds and spellings and read aloud familiar words
  • Listen and respond to finger rhymes and songs


What makes Jesus an inspiration for some people?

  • The children will research and discuss aspects of Jesus’s life that make him inspirational.
  • Was it about who he said he was?
  • Was it because of his life story?
  • Was it because of his teaching?
  • Was it because he wanted to make people happy?
  • Was it because of the miracles he did?
  • Was it because of his death and resurrection?


Me & My Future: Children will…

  • Know how to look after and handle money in everyday situations
  • Make simple financial decisions and consider how to spend money including pocket money and contributions to charity
  • Know there are different ways to gain money including earning it through work
  • Know that it is possible to keep money safe by putting it into an account in a bank or building society
  • Know that you can plan for future spending and how to save

Art and Design

Roman Mosaics

  • Develop ideas from starting points throughout the curriculum.
  • Comment on artworks using visual language.
  • Select and arrange materials for a striking effect.
  • Ensure work is precise
  • Replicate some of the techniques used by notable artists, artisans and designers


Three little birds

  • The children will listen and appraise the piece of music “Three little birds” and other pieces of music by Bob Marley
  • The children will carry out activities to warm their voice and listen and respond to different rhythms and pulses
  • The children will learn to sing the song “Three little birds”
  • The children will learn to play an accompanying part on the glockenspiel
  • The children will perform their finished piece.