Welcome to the first Gladstone Road Local History Quiz.

The questions will be set weekly with the answers and ‘fascinating facts’ following  a couple of days later.
There are questions for all the family so give it a go and resist the temptation to use the internet (well to start with).  Give yourself a pat on the back if you score 50% and award yourself a tasty treat if you get full marks.  Ten press ups (if you are fit enough) to those scoring zero!

1. The remains of a ‘signal station’ can be seen on the castle headland.  During which period of history was the ‘station’ constructed?

2.  Why is the Viking Thorgils so important to the town of Scarborough?

3.  In which century was Scarborough Castle first built?

4.  What do we call ‘The Manor of Walesgrif’ today?

5.  Lasted 45 days, held almost every year from 1253-1788.  What was this important event

6.  King John (King of England 1199-1216) visited Scarborough several times but what was the name of his older and more popular brother?

7.  Why was Mrs. Thomason Farrer important to the eventual success of Scarborough as a holiday resort?

8.  During which war was the ‘keep’ at Scarborough Castle severely damaged?

9.  Which former Premier League football manager in 1987, won promotion to the  Football League, for Scarborough F.C.

10. Our school is named after Mr Gladstone.  Who was he?