School Day Timings

School Sessions: 

     Reception        Year 1        Year 2        Year 3        Year 4        Year 5           Year 6
Start 8.50am   8.55am   8.55am   8.50am     


  8.55am   8.55am
Hometime 2.55pm   3.00pm   3.00pm   3.10pm   3.15pm   3.15pm   3.15pm


Anyone arriving after 8.55am but before 11am needs to sign in at the Lower Attendance Office.
After 11am anyone arriving should sign in through the Main Office

The time spent on teaching during a normal school week, excluding collective worship and registration is 23 hrs 30 mins. Assemblies take place on several occasions during the week and are either one year group or mixed year groups.

School finishes at 2.55pm for the Reception year, 3pm for Years 1 & 2, 3.10pm for Year 3 and 3.15pm for Years 4, 5 & 6. Please be prompt when collecting your child should they not be attending one of our many after school clubs.

Start and Finish of the School Day

Parents wishing to speak to a teacher before or after school should report to the office, using the main entrance from Wooler Street.  Children should not arrive at school until 8.40a.m. and meet in the playground. At 8.50a.m. the bell is rung to allow those already present to go into school. Children may come into school early if it is wet. Pupils arriving between 8.50 and 8.55 should just go straight in. After 8.55a.m. (registration start time) pupils need to be signed in through the main office.  At the end of the school day, children will be dismissed into their playground unless other arrangements have been made.

Children should be made aware that if they cannot find their parent, or person who is designated to collect them, they should come directly to the school office and staff will telephone home. Children should NOT go outside the school gate or go home with neighbour, friend’s mum etc.