Year 6 Curriculum

In Year 6 we bring together all the learning our  children have experienced throughout their time at Gladstone Road and further develop their thirst for knowledge, preparing them for their next step.

World War 2

The Year starts with deep dive into World War II.  Starting as historians we investigate primary & secondary sources; as design technicians we make do and mend and build Anderson shelters and geographers, we explore the impact the war had on the world using various maps and atlases.  Our class text, Letters From The Lighthouse,  provides inspiration for a variety of exciting writing opportunities.

Amazon Rain Forest

In the Spring Term we travel across the globe to the Amazon Rainforest developing further our geography skills and science links to adaptation and habitats.  Henri Rousseau  is our chosen artist for making the rainforest come to life, inspiring our writing, including unleashing the Sir David Attenborough in all of us! Journey To The River Sea is our class text, enriching our understanding of the history of this area and stimulating our learning.  As historians, we travel back time to the indigenous people of the Amazon, The Mayans and discover a whole new world.


The summer brings us closer to home, our capital, London.  To start we bring together our skills as historians and geographers as we explore the growth of London from it’s Celtic beginnings to it’s present day international splendour.  Through researching famous landmarks we become tour guides during evening walks on our residential trip of a lifetime to London. We finish the year, in the world of Shakespeare supported by our class text, King Of Shadows and fit in a visit to the Rose  Theatre York taking part in workshops.

Workshop Days

Throughout the year our curriculum is enriched and supported with Workshop days, crucial crew, Respect, Eden Camp, Bikeability, Theatre, nurseries, residential homes, beach, Alpamare swimming pool, Dean Road Cemetary, Science fair, Flamingo Land.  By the end, our children leave us,excited, resilient, independent and confident.