Year 5 Curriculum

In Year 5 pupils will learn about issues in the wider world and beyond.

Flamborough Head

In year 5, pupils will learn about the coast. This topic focuses on the coastal features, some of which can be seen in their local area. Children will be given the opportunity the visit Flamborough Head to see the caves, arches, stacks and stumps. They will explore their own coast and compare it to others around the world.


In spring, the children will be transported to Ancient Egypt to discover how Ancient Egyptians lived. They will be exposed to Ancient Egyptian artefacts in a museum in Hull. The children will learn about the importance of the River Nile.


During the summer term, year 5 learn about the history of York and will have the opportunity to explore the city on the year 5 residential where they stay at York Racecourse, visit York Chocolate story, the National Railway Museum and the Castle Museum. They compare the history of York to the history of Scarborough.