Year 1 Curriculum

Me & My World

In this topic we learn about ourselves and our
bodies. We also find out about our school, we go on
local walks and we find out in detail about a historic
building in our local area.


Fantasy tales give experiences of building outdoor
castles for our role play. We learn lots about the
stories associated with Autumn and Winter festivals


This topic launches with an alien crash site in the

school playground! We become

immersed in the story of Beegu and what she finds

out about Earth Creatures when she arrives on our


Amazing Animals

We have a to Dalby and enjoy finding out all about British birds and woodland animals. We learn all about trees and become experts in naming and describing them. Our favourite story characters help us with our learning.


Through visits to our school garden we will observe the changes taking place. We will plant and nurture some delicious treats for the Summer. We have a plant picnic where everything we eat is from plants and we even get to do some baking using the fruits from the garden.

Going to the Seaside

We enjoy using Peter Pan and pirate poems in our English work. We learn about seaside holidays in the past and Queen Victoria comes to visit to tell us all about her family and a different way of life!