Reception Blue Class

Ms Birch

Ms Birch

Reception Blue Class Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Birch and this is my fifth year of teaching and my first year teaching at Gladstone Road. Previously I have worked in a mixture of small rural schools and larger primary schools – although none quite as large as Gladstone Road!  

I have taught in most years across the primary age range, however my passion lies in Early Years! Someone once told me that it takes a special person to work in EYFS and I feel I am one of those special people! I have always been passionate about learning and I strive to ensure that my pupils become confident individuals and successful, life-long learners. I think the best part of my job is supporting children to achieve their full potential not just intellectually but also personally, as I believe every child has a unique gift to offer the world and it is my job to help them showcase this.  

Outside of work I love being outdoors with my animals. I currently own 7 Shetland Ponies some of which I have bred. During the summer you will often see me at agricultural shows in the local area showing my ponies. One of my favourite teaching moments was when I took Victor – one of my Shetland ponies to meet my class. Whilst he was visiting we used him as the donkey for our school nativity. I don’t know who had more fun Victor or the children?